RULES 2021/2022

1. That this club shall be called “The National Coal Board No.5 Area Fishing Club” and the headquarters shall be at the Heanor Conservative Club.

2. That the business of the club shall be conducted by a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and a executive committee of no more than 16 members, elected at their Annual General Meeting, 4 to form a quorum. A President and Vice President may also be appointed to honorary positions. Copies of the club constitution not covered in this book are available upon request from the Secretary.

3. The financial year shall end on 31st June.

4. The club trustees have the power to sign agreements on behalf of the club.

5. The Secretary shall produce minutes of all proceedings and conduct correspondence.

6. The treasurer shall be responsible for all monies paid into his/her hands and shall deposit same with the club bankers and keep accounts.

7. Committee meetings are to be held at the club headquarters on the second Monday of each month at 7:30 PM unless it is a bank Holiday in which case the following Monday.

8. Any committee member not attending two consecutive meetings is deemed to have resigned if no apologies are received.

9. All proposals and nominations for the AGM to be handed to the secretary 14 days prior to the AGM. Proposals may be altered at an AGM if proposer and seconder are in agreement and a majority of members present at AGM

10. Committee can co-opt a member until the next AGM.

11. No person shall be eligible for committee unless they have been a club member for 1 year or more.

12. The club shall appoint bailiffs for the club waters who may attend committee meetings but have no voting rights.

13. No person shall take money for tickets unless authorised by the committee.

14. No night fishing without written permission granted by club officials or club representatives.

15. Members must not use the clubs name without the permission of the committee.

16. Only season permit holders can cast a vote at an AGM

17. Officials or committee have the power to transfer matches in extenuating circumstances but no members at the amended venue to be disturbed

18. The Match Secretary is allowed to book matches at his discretion providing notices are posted at the affected water at least fourteen days before closure.

19. All members are allowed to fish with no more than 3 rods to occupy no more than 1 peg.

20. A member’s partner (or child under the age of 16 years) may fish without a permit in the company of her husband (or their father) providing only 3 rods are used and only one peg.

21. If 2 members occupy one peg no more than 3 baited rods to be used on that peg at any one time

22. That a minute concerning committee business once passed shall stand for the current season, unless every member of the committee present at a future meeting be in agreement for alteration

23. A peg constitutes halfway to pegs either side and to the middle if pegged opposite

24. Nightlines, Bank lines and netting prohibited. All offenders to be expelled and reported to the environment agency

25. Members must not remove, move or transfer fish from waters controlled by the NCB Area No.5 Fishing Club

26. No anglers must fish a water where an authorised match is pegged. The water will be closed from 18:00 the previous evening. Pegs may remain open subject to committee approval.

27. The parking of members vehicles in restricted areas is strictly prohibited. Members are advised to use D.C.C. car parks. Parking is strictly prohibited in the lay by on the headwall at Mapperley Reservoir and all other parts of the headwall at Mapperley Reservoir, Osbornes Pond and Adams Pond.

28. This Club Permit does not give the holder the right to use the D.C.C. Car Parks free of charge.

29. No purpose made fishing shelters to be erected on footpaths, please keep all footpaths clear to allow for disabled access.

30. Members must not leave their litter including faeces when leaving the fishery.

31. Wading is only permitted if permission is granted by persons fishing either side – pleasure or match fishing.

32. That a child under the age of 16 is allowed to night fish if accompanied by their parent or guardian who will be responsible for the child at all times and they are both members, providing that they fish from the same peg and no more than 3 rods are used.

33. Only one purpose made fishing shelter allowed per peg and must be kept within the confines of the peg.

34. All anglers must carry and use a suitable unhooking mat and landing net whilst fishing.

35. No carp of any size, including crucian carp, to be put or retained in keep nets, carp sacks or retaining slings except in matches authorised by the club.

36. The use of remote controlled boats is strictly forbidden.

37. No angler shall leave his peg with a baited hook or line in the water.

38. Should anything further occur which is not provided for in the Rules, the circumstances shall be submitted to the Executive Committee whose decision shall be final.

39. No alteration can be made to these Rules or the Match Rules except at an Annual General Meeting.

40. No live fish shall be used for bait on any NCB No.5 Area Club Waters.

41. No fishing from the valve towers or gantries at Mapperley Reservoir or Osbornes Pond.

42. No member shall cut down, uproot or prune any tree or shrub in or around the club waters without specific authorisation from the Club Committee.

43. If a club Bailiff has to call for assistance to deal with a member, then the offending member’s year book will be automatically confiscated. The offending member will then be asked to appear before the Committee at the next committee meeting.

44. No keepnets to be used unless in official matches, all nets to conform to EA regulations ie min 2metre in length and knotless mesh, all slings, landing nets and keepnets to be dry before use to prevent spread of KHV and other waterborne diseases.

45. Bailiffs and Club Officials are allowed to inspect terminal tackle to ensure safe rigs are being used at all times.

46. No fly fishing

47. Members must not have guns in their possession whilst fishing club waters.

48. Members must not light fires.

49. Members must not fish on the old railway side or past the signs on the field side at Loscoe Dam.

50. Members must not fish past the signs at Manor Floods and Loscoe Dam. Please take note of page 10 and any signage around the water.

51. Members must not have dogs unless on a lead and under close control.

52. Members must not enter the nature reserves at Mapperley Reservoir or Osbournes Pond.

53. Members must not dig holes in banks or lake bed of any pond

54. Fishing at Manor Floods to be run on a syndicate basis which requires purchase of additional ticket, contact club treasurer for details

55. Two day tickets per day available at Manor Floods to be booked in advance with club treasurer, current cost £25 per 24 hours to run 12pm to 12pm in the winter and 6pm to 6pm in the summer

56. Maximum stay at Manor Floods is 48 hours anglers not permitted to return to water to fish for a further 24 hours

57. Certain pegs may be closed when fish are spawning

58. Members who purchase a ticket for Manor Floods required to attend 1 work party per year

59. Maximum of 35 Tickets Per Year to be sold for Manor Floods (to be reviewed by committee if required)

60. No drugs other than prescribed ones are allowed on any club waters at any time. Alcohol is to be consumed in moderation

61. All double swims only to be fished from the designated peg or directly behind peg with no encroachment onto any other peg

62. Anglers on manor floods waiting list to be a full paying member whilst on the list or place will be lost if not

63. AGM proposals can be submitted via email as well as written

64. The club reserves the right to refuse membership

65. All Anglers must sign in and out when fishing Manor Floods

66. No fixed rigs to be used

67. All specimen anglers must carry and use a “Carp Care Kit” whilst fishing for carp.

68. Winter Ticket for Manor Floods for five anglers to run from 1st November until 29th February at a cost of £100 per ticket.

69. Floating baits or Zig fishing is not permitted at Loscoe Dam.